In memory of Mogens Wahl 1946-2018

This website started as a notebook in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Later, the notebook became more structured and was shared with friends, initially using a typewriter. Later, through the 1980s, the register of Danish civil aircrafts turned into a simple database on a floppy disk and was named OY-REG. In the 1990s it became an MS Access database with a graphical user interface.

Finally, in 2004, the register moved online with the domain name oy-reg.dk. Images of the aircrafts were added and the paper version was phased out.

Mogens Wahl worked evenings and weekends updating his register of Danish civil aircrafts, a work that lasted 50 years until he died in 2018.

Honored be his memory.

© Mogens Wahl