TypeMcDonnell-Douglas DC-10-30
Construction number46990 260
Year of manufacture1978
Year of registration-
Notes9V-SDA, C-GFHX, F-GGMZ, XA-SYE, OY-CNO Premiair, G-BYDA, broken up 2005 Kemble
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OY-CNO at Paris-Orly (LFPO), France
19.4.1992 - Paris-Orly (LFPO), France
F-GGMZ, AOM French Air (Cubana)
OY-CNO at Palma de Mallorca LEPA Spain
5.8.1995 - Palma de Mallorca LEPA Spain
OY-CNO at Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden ESSA
8.6.1997 - Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden ESSA
OY-CNO at Kastrup (EKCH)
20.10.1997 - Kastrup (EKCH)
OY-CNO at Palma de Mallorca, Spain (LEPA
30.5.1998 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain (LEPA
OY-CNO at Shannon
8.4.1999 - Shannon
OY-CNO at Barcelona, Spain (LEBL)
May 1999 - Barcelona, Spain (LEBL)
G-BYDA, Air Tours International
OY-CNO at Luqa, Malta (LMML)
11.7.2004 - Luqa, Malta (LMML)
G-BYDA, MyTravel
OY-CNO at Amsterdam, Netherlands (EHAM)
26.7.2004 - Amsterdam, Netherlands (EHAM)
G-BYDA, MyTravel
OY-CNO at Kemble (EGBP), UK
1.7.2005 - Kemble (EGBP), UK
G-BYDA, during demolition process.
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