TypeAirbus A320-212
Construction number349
Year of manufacture1992
Year of registration-
1997-1999, 2000-2004
NotesF-WWBU, G-OEXC, G-DACR, OY-CNR Premiair, OO-AEZ, OY-CNR MyTravel Airways, LZ-BHC, N313SC
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OY-CNR at Bristol (EGGD), UK
21.8.1996 - Bristol (EGGD), UK
G-DACR, Airtours
OY-CNR at Las Palmas
29.3.1997 - Las Palmas
OY-CNR at Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
19.4.1997 - Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
OY-CNR at Brussels, Belgium (EBBR)
1.6.2000 - Brussels, Belgium (EBBR)
OO-AEZ, Airtours
OY-CNR at Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN)
March 2001 - Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN)
OY-CNR at Rhodes, Greece (LGRP)
19.5.2002 - Rhodes, Greece (LGRP)
OY-CNR at Funchal - Madeira
27.10.2003 - Funchal - Madeira
OY-CNR at Humberside, UK (EGNJ)
13.9.2005 - Humberside, UK (EGNJ)
LZ-BHC, BH Air/Balkan Holidays
OY-CNR at Aalborg EKYT
22.7.2006 - Aalborg EKYT
LZ-BHC, BH Air/Balkan Holidays
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