TypeMcDonnell-Douglas DC-9-41
Construction number47395 555
Year of manufacture1969
Year of registration-
1969-1970 1971-1974 1975-1991
NotesOY-KGG SAS "Sune Viking", HS-TGM, OY-KGG, HB-IDY, OY-KGG, N762NW
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OY-KGG at Glasgow, UK (EGPF)
1970 - Glasgow, UK (EGPF)
OY-KGG at Stockholm-Arlanda(ESSA)Sweden
January 1970 - Stockholm-Arlanda(ESSA)Sweden
Thai International
OY-KGG at Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
3.1.1970 - Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
Thia International
OY-KGG at Bangkok, Thailand (VTBD)
29.10.1970 - Bangkok, Thailand (VTBD)
OY-KGG at Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
6.4.1974 - Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
OY-KGG at Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel,Germany(ED
26.5.1976 - Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel,Germany(ED
HB-IDY, Swissair
OY-KGG at Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
January 1980 - Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
OY-KGG at Aalborg (EKYT)
8.6.1982 - Aalborg (EKYT)
OY-KGG at Aalborg (EKYT)
18.2.1984 - Aalborg (EKYT)
OY-KGG at Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden ESSA
19.5.1984 - Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden ESSA
OY-KGG at Minniapolis, MN USA (KMSP)
3.5.2005 - Minniapolis, MN USA (KMSP)
N762NW, Northwest Airlines
OY-KGG at Cleveland, Ohio, USA (KCLE)
30.10.2006 - Cleveland, Ohio, USA (KCLE)
N762NW, Northwest Airlines
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