TypeSwearingen SA227-DC Metro 23
Construction numberDC-865B
Year of manufacture1994
Year of registration-
NotesN30289, 9M-BCH, OY-NPD Aalborg Airtaxi, North Flying, Nordic Air
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OY-NPD at Aalborg (EKYT)
22.1.1998 - Aalborg (EKYT)
Has just arrived on delivery fligt, stil in Asia Pacific colors.
OY-NPD at Aalborg (EKYT)
28.1.1998 - Aalborg (EKYT)
Testing engines before ferry flight to Odense for repainting in North Flying colors.
OY-NPD at Odense-Beldringe (EKOD)
28.1.1998 - Odense-Beldringe (EKOD)
Arrival at the painting shop in Odense.
OY-NPD at Aalborg (EKYT)
6.4.1998 - Aalborg (EKYT)
OY-NPD at Aalborg (EKYT)
6.4.1998 - Aalborg (EKYT)
OY-NPD at Sandefjord (ENTO)
February 2001 - Sandefjord (ENTO)
OY-NPD at Aalborg (EKYT)
15.2.2005 - Aalborg (EKYT)
OY-NPD at Bruxelles, Belgium (EBBR)
6.9.2006 - Bruxelles, Belgium (EBBR)
OY-NPD at Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany EDDI
17.11.2007 - Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany EDDI
OY-NPD at Oslo-Gardermoen (OSL)
27.4.2010 - Oslo-Gardermoen (OSL)
OY-NPD at Aalborg (EKYT)
7.5.2010 - Aalborg (EKYT)
OY-NPD at Rotterdam (EHRD)
27.4.2011 - Rotterdam (EHRD)
OY-NPD at Hamburg, Germany (EDDH)
22.8.2011 - Hamburg, Germany (EDDH)
OY-NPD at Norwich, UK (EGSH)
22.9.2011 - Norwich, UK (EGSH)
OY-NPD at Billund (EKBI)
23.10.2013 - Billund (EKBI)
OY-NPD at Birmingham (EGBB)
18.10.2022 - Birmingham (EGBB)
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