TypeBoeing 767-204ER
Construction number24457 256
Year of manufacture1989
Year of registration-
NotesG-BPFV, EC-276, EC-GHM, TF-ATR, G-SATR, N457GE, OY-SRH Star Air
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OY-SRH at Barcelona, Spain (LEBL)
15.8.1997 - Barcelona, Spain (LEBL)
EC-GHM, Air Europa
OY-SRH at Manchester, UK (EGCD)
28.7.2001 - Manchester, UK (EGCD)
TF-ATR, Exel Airways
OY-SRH at Faro, Portugal (LPFR)
10.6.2004 - Faro, Portugal (LPFR)
G-SATR, Exel Airways
OY-SRH at Porto Alegre-Salgado Filho, Br
19.7.2005 - Porto Alegre-Salgado Filho, Br
N457GE Maersk / Star Air
OY-SRH at Cologne-Bonn (EDDK), Germany
18.9.2005 - Cologne-Bonn (EDDK), Germany
OY-SRH at Cologne-Bonn (EDDK), Germany
31.3.2007 - Cologne-Bonn (EDDK), Germany
OY-SRH at Toulouse-Blanac, France LFBO
26.9.2014 - Toulouse-Blanac, France LFBO
OY-SRH at Cologne-Bonn, Germany (EDDK)
6.11.2023 - Cologne-Bonn, Germany (EDDK)
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