TypeBritish Aerospace BAe146 Series RJ85
Construction numberE2233
Year of manufacture1993
Year of registration-
NotesG-6-233, G-XARJ, G-6-233, HB-IXH, OY-RCE Atlantic Airways, CC-AJS
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OY-RCE at Paris-leBourget, France(LFPB)
11.6.1993 - Paris-leBourget, France(LFPB)
G-XARJ, Crossair
OY-RCE at Geneva (LSGG), Switzerland
February 1995 - Geneva (LSGG), Switzerland
HB-IXH. Crossair
OY-RCE at Düsseldorf (EDDL), Germany
23.10.2005 - Düsseldorf (EDDL), Germany
HB-IXH, Swiss
OY-RCE at Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
2.2.2008 - Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
OY-RCE at Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
May 2008 - Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
OY-RCE at Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
4.7.2008 - Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
OY-RCE at Bastia – Poretta (BIA/ LFKB)
26.7.2008 - Bastia – Poretta (BIA/ LFKB)
OY-RCE at Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
26.4.2011 - Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
OY-RCE at Aalborg (EKYT)
29.6.2012 - Aalborg (EKYT)
OY-RCE at Aalborg (EKYT)
19.12.2012 - Aalborg (EKYT)
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