TypeBoeing 737-5L9
Construction number28995 2947
Year of manufacture1997
Year of registration-
NotesOY-APK Maersk Air, Sterling, UR-DNC, UR-GBB, N102ES, YV-3001
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OY-APK at Aalborg (EKYT)
17.7.1998 - Aalborg (EKYT)
OY-APK at Paris-CdG, France (LFPG)
18.6.1999 - Paris-CdG, France (LFPG)
OY-APK at Billund (EKBI)
19.6.2000 - Billund (EKBI)
OY-APK at Düsseldorf (EDDL), Germany
10.10.2004 - Düsseldorf (EDDL), Germany
Without logo and titles. Leased to DBA.
OY-APK at Norwich, UK (EGSH)
2.11.2004 - Norwich, UK (EGSH)
Deutsch BA
OY-APK at Hannover (EDDV), Germany
19.11.2004 - Hannover (EDDV), Germany
Deutsche BA
OY-APK at Cologne-Bonn (EDDK),Germany
7.2.2005 - Cologne-Bonn (EDDK),Germany
Deutsche BA
OY-APK at Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
June 2005 - Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
OY-APK at Frankfurt a.Rhein(EDDF)Germany
31.7.2005 - Frankfurt a.Rhein(EDDF)Germany
OY-APK at Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
19.10.2005 - Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
OY-APK at Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
1.8.2006 - Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)
OY-APK at Aalborg (EKYT)
23.9.2007 - Aalborg (EKYT)
OY-APK at Bournemouth (EGHH), UK
13.11.2007 - Bournemouth (EGHH), UK
In Dniproavia colours
OY-APK at Domodevedo. Russia (UUDD)
17.7.2009 - Domodevedo. Russia (UUDD)
UR-DNC, Dniproavia
OY-APK at East Midland, UK (EGNX)
13.12.2014 - East Midland, UK (EGNX)
OY-APK at East Midlands, UK (EGNX)
5.1.2015 - East Midlands, UK (EGNX)
N102ES, Albatros Airlines
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