TypeFokker F.27 Mk.50
Construction number20257
Year of manufacture1992
Year of registration-
Notes(PH-PXW), PH-KXY, D-AFFA, EC-282, EC-GHB, PH-KXY, JA01NV, OY-PCI NAC Nordic Aviation Contractors (NAC), JU-8257, written off after an incident on 30 march 2012 at Umnogobi, Mongolia (ZMDZ) after veering off the runway
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OY-PCI at London-Gatwick (EGKK), UK
14.6.1998 - London-Gatwick (EGKK), UK
EC-GHB, Air Nostrum - Iberia Regional
OY-PCI at Nagoya, Japan (RJNA)
11.8.2002 - Nagoya, Japan (RJNA)
JA01NV, NAL - Nakanihon Airlines
OY-PCI at Nagoya, Japan (RJGG)
28.7.2007 - Nagoya, Japan (RJGG)
JA01NV, ANA Air Central
OY-PCI at Billund (EKBI)
25.4.2009 - Billund (EKBI)
OY-PCI at Billund (EKBI)
27.4.2009 - Billund (EKBI)
OY-PCI at Billund (EKBI)
27.4.2009 - Billund (EKBI)
OY-PCI at Mönchen-Gladbach Germany EDLN
16.5.2009 - Mönchen-Gladbach Germany EDLN
OY-PCI at Billund (EKBI)
5.9.2009 - Billund (EKBI)
OY-PCI at Billund (EKBI)
5.5.2010 - Billund (EKBI)
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