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PhotoRegistrationTypeConstr. no.Year of man.Year of reg-canc.ICAONotes
B9-179Kolb Mark III992 (DK 003)19951995-20169-179, TF-148
BOY-EBWAeritalia/SNIAS ATR 72-500 (72-212A)74320072014-2016 2016-2017AT75F-WWED, VT-KAG, M-YWAA, OY-EBW NAC Aviation 8 Limited, VT-APD, OY-EBW, 9G-SBF
BOY-HCJHughes 369D (500D)109-0594D19791980-1989H500OY-HCJ, SE-HUU, N60VS
BOY-JZHAeritalia/SNIAS ATR 72-600 (72-212A)117720142014-2017AT76F-WWER, OY-JZH SAS "Njord Viking", PK-TNH
 OY-XUICentrair ASW 20F2014419802005-2017F-CFLG, OY-XUI competition number UI, LV-
BOY-PKSPiper PA-32R-301T Saratoga II TC325741320062008-2010
P32RN31248, N3130G, G-ODRD, OM-GLB, OY-PKS Air Alpha Aircraft Sales A/S, CS-EAJ, OY-PKS
BOY-OLDDassault Falcon 8X41920172017FA8XF-WWQP, OY-OLD
 OY-FFAPiper PA-46-350P
Malibu Mirage
462209919901991-1992PA46SE-KMC, OY-FFA, D-EIFA, OK-SMT, SP-KNT
 OY-AXKSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
319501950-1977CofA expired 1968, the remains tranferred to DaSK 2017. Will be ripped for spare parts and then scrapped
 OY-XNMRolladen-Schneider LS 1-f47819771984-2002D-6520, OY-XNM, D-8520, OK-8522
 OY-RGXCentrair 101A Pegase101.A0.7719832005HB-1710, OY-RGX competition number RG, Romeo Golf-gruppen I/S, stolen at Aars (EKVH) 1.11.2017, fate unknown
BOY-XRGRolladen-Schneider LS 6-c621719911991Competition number G2, stolen at Aars (EKVH) 1.11.2017, fate unknown
BOY-XRFRolladen-Schneider LS 4-a478819901990Competition number G4, stolen at Aars (EKVH) 1.11.2017, fate unknown
BOY-XPXRolladen-Schneider LS 4-a465419871987(D-8028), OY-XPX, competition number PX Aviator - Aalborg Svæveflyveklub, stolen at Aars (EKVH) 1.11.2017, fate unknown
BOY-XPDGlaser-Dirks DG-4004-18319861986Competition number PD, stolen at Aars (EKVH) 1.11.2017, fate unknown
BOY-RAXSchempp-Hirth Duo Discus/Duo Discus T28/29420012001DUODModified 2002, Aviator, Aalborg Svæveflyveklub, competition number 1W, stolen at Aars (EKVH)1.11.2017, fate unknown
BOY-YBWAeritalia/SNIAS ATR 72-500 (72-212A)58719992017AT75F-WWES, 4X-AVU, OY-YBW NAC, Broken up Billund 10.17
BOY-JZCAeritalia/SNIAS ATR 72-600 (72-212A) 112020132014-2017AT76F-WWEI, (JA01LK), F-WKVH, OY-JZC SAS "Torver Viking", ES-ATE
BOY-9479JMB VL-3 EvolutionVL-3-1502014OO-H45, OY-9479, crashed 16.10.2017 Audebo
BOY-RUPAirbus A320-23140619932015-2016A320F-WWDB, 4R-ABB, N406PR, CC-ADP, N406PR, OY-RUP DAT Danish Air Transport, EX-32007
BOY-TFTPiper PA-32R-301T
Saratoga II TC
325705019981998-2017P32RDamaged 21.7.2013 Vesthimmerland (EKVH), OY-TFT, HB-PJF
Rallye Club
121119681968-1968RALLOY-DTU, SE-CIS, Broken up 2017
 OY-9484TL-3000 Sirius
 OY-IVJGulfstream GVI G650?Reserved 24.2.17 to Execujet Europe A/S, Roskilde.
 OY-HOH?Reserved 7.8.17 to Uni-Fly A/S, Odense
 OY-HNS?Reserved 31.7.17 to KN Helicopters A/S, Esbjerg
 OY-HZV?Reserved 2017 to DanCopter A/S, Esbjerg
 OY-HYV?Reserved 2017 to DanCopter A/S, Esbjerg
 OY-HWV?Reserved 2017 to DanCopter A/S, Esbjerg
 OY-HVV?Reserved 2017 to DanCopter A/S, Esbjerg
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